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10 September 2010 @ 08:27 pm
I feel really mellow and happy right now. ♥ Basically this whole week has consisted of nothing but "keep on truckin'" to get to the weekend, and here I am now. :D Honestly it's all been kind of stressful, everything was kinda stressful up until now. The way school stresses me out is, of course, not of a healthy level... I've started getting stomach aches and headaches out of no where from the feelings of stress, but I have an appointment for some cognitive behavior therapy in about two weeks or so. Which in a way kinda sucks, cos it was that or coloring my hair again. Buuut I have to think of my school work and my relationships first so.. It's really expensive though. 180 dollars per hour. ughhhh. I'll have to see her once every two or three months if that's the case. I'm a little nervous to meet her too. /awkward I fail at making impressions.

On a less sobsob note, I start work in four days! :D I've already begun to like the people there, Meowth took me there to check it out last night, just to do something a little relaxing, and when we went in it was a ghost town aside from the employees. We broke out a board game called '5 Second Rule' and we all played it and we were laughing so hard, so I'm already making friends and that's good. |3 I won't have to go through the "omg how do I talk to strangers" thing I always do. I also was invited by Amanda (the manager who I'm quickly starting to love) to go to a game night that the employees are having this Sunday and I'm sooo excited. <3 Meowth says we all have to take our own drinks though. cream soda ftw.

What else ...~ One of my best best best friends in the whole world just messaged me on facebook. ah. :DD <3 My night is kind of made. OH and boyfriend is off all day tomorrow so we get to spend another full day just together. I miss that so much. ;; hnn nothing else going on.
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05 September 2010 @ 11:14 pm
This has been such an excellent day. ♥♥♥ Me and my boyfriend have spent the entire day together and I sometimes I get a reminder how good of a friend he is and how fun he is to have around. I woke up at 10 AM ish, took a bath, and woke him up and we immediately jumped on the opportunity to have a day together. It's his day off from work and we're home alone all day so we pretty much have free reign to go wherever. We went to our favorite restaurant for lunch and after that he and I went walking around the town center. He bought me some Pokemon cards and I PULLED A MEOWTH ONEEEE!!

It's THIS ONE, to be exact. ;3 I was flipping through them and the first was Drifloon, I was like, "Yayy!" cos I like that Pokemon, then I saw Piplup and was all, "that one's cutee", and then I saw a Meowth and said "ASKJSDKGJKSD" and jumped up and down. There were these two little kids next to me that got scared when I started jumping. One of them said "WOAH" in surprise. I'm not a public nuisance. ಠ_ಠ ... shut up. I've been carrying it all day and holding it close because I love it so much. His wittle faceeeee.. ;o; After that we walked to Gamestop and we bought Pikmin for the Wii. :3 I don't know what it is about us together but we always find a way to make friends with the employees at Gamestop. We talked to the man ringing us up about Pikmin, Mario Kart, Pokemon Ranger, and Golden Sun before we finally left. X3 When we got home he gave me his Leaf Green file to play and I started over and got a Bulbasaur. <3 I named him Chloro like.. chlorophyll but not. :3 After he played Pikmin for a while and then we Brawled. And then we got hungry and were like, "Let's go to Ihop!'.

That is a mistake. The Ihop here is disgusting. I know this because it took about 30 minutes for them to bring a waffle and an omelet when it was an absolute ghost town, and when I actually got my waffle it had a big fat bug on the plate. Just waiting to be devoured along with my waffle.

I stuck to my hashbrowns only after that. And my boyfriend gagged and lost his appetite. We have decided for future reference that we're going to Buffalo Wild Wings because it is superior and they have chips and salsa. WHAT NOW, IHOP. WHAT NOW. Then we came home and we played more Pikmin and laid down and watched TV.. and after that he wanted something to munch on some now I'm back down here typing this. I've been pretty deprived of fun lately so it's really nice to destress. <3 The three day weekend has also helped a lot in that regard. too bad tomorrow ends it. ;; I get one more night to stay up and sleep in though. Also I had a dream last night that my parents said that me and my boyfriend could go to Disney World if we just drove ourselves there, and my boyfriend WOULD NOT DRIVE ME. I was yelling at him the whole dream. :3 it sucked. that's all journal, goodnight.
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music: don't leave home - dido