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17 September 2010 @ 04:02 pm
in which i spazz over the new pokemon.  
Dear fifth gen,
YOU MAKE ME SO HAPPY. ♥ ♥ ♥ Seriously, I'm so pleased. A lot of people are being total killjoys like "BAWW THEY'RE SO UGLY/FRANCHISE IS DEAD/RIP POKEMON" but I don't understand it. DUHH they don't look like Pokemon right now, it doesn't really work like that. The more you see something, the more you become familiar with it and the more you can associate it with something. When I first saw the starters I was like "those don't look like Pokemon." but after a month or so, they've completely grown on me. Especially Mijimaru. I'm actually kind of considering getting that instead of Smugleaf... but I've loved Smugleaf from the start. ;o; I'm actually tied between two choices now though, so~. What does that say? Anyway, of course they don't "look like Pokemon" right now, nobody is too familiar with them. Your brain doesn't start associating items like that right off the bat. o_O


Can you tell I like cute things? >w> Especially jelly baby omg... I'm so happy with Chiramii's evolution too. And GRASS RAM! This fire monkey is also superior to Chimchar. /brick'd I'm loving Emonga and just.. yeah, pretty much I love this generation. Haters gonna hate. What else.. OH YEAH, my life. My first day of work was yesterday and I worked for six hours. My feet were hurting sooo bad but I had fun. I learned how to gift wrap and curl ribbons, and I checked more people out than anyone else working there. Cool for me, I guess. Also my boyfriend omglove bought me a new copy of Wind Waker. How awesome is that? PRETTY AWESOME. this entry is so hyper. I got through the level with Valoo last night. I'm off to conquer more of the world. :D
mood: hyperhyper