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21 September 2010 @ 04:53 pm
scribbled out the truth with their lies, the little spies  
I despise my boyfriend's mom. I. despise. her. I truly have never had so much rage and loathing for a person in my life. She is a drug addict BASKET CASE who has enough evidence on her that if it was brought to any authorities attention, she would go to jail. But she doesn't get exactly what she deserves because after all of the shit she pulls, he still values her (why, I actually have no idea whatsoever). The reason he moved in with me is because she continually kept stealing his money (YES, SHE STEALS FROM HER OWN SON) and buying weed with it because she's unemployed and refuses to get a job. And to put the icing on the cake, she would give weed to his little brother and they'd have house parties until 4 AM in the morning and he couldn't function at school. So, he had to literally run away from her because she wouldn't let him leave without permission (she acted like he was going to be able to until literally the last month out of six that we had planned for him to move down here). And before he left, she stole his credit card and stole SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Six. hundred. dollars. On whatever she could. She went grocery shopping for two hundred dollars, went to McDonalds and bought as much as possible, got some steak dinner, bought a million things on Itunes. Just. she spent it to it's absolute limit.

SHE COULD GO TO JAIL FOR THIS. But we are only finding this out now, three months later, because she calls him in a drunken stupor one night all "Don't tell your dad this happened, I'm paying it off". Her "paying it off"? TWENTY. DOLLARS. A MONTH. His credit is fucked. and it's all her fault. He's telling his dad now so that he can get his money back and fix his credit, if possible, but she will still not get a fraction of what should be coming to her because he appreciates her for some fucked up reason. I seriously hope I never am put in a situation to speak to her in the future, even though she'll likely be my in law, because if faced with her I would probably slap the shit out of her.
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♥steph: woody | facepalm.jpgstephabop on September 23rd, 2010 04:18 pm (UTC)

seriously though six hundred fucking dollars? what the shit.
I really hope tommy gets this all situated so his credit isn't fucked. ;;